Save time, money and make smarter decisions to manage your home

Let us take the stress out of managing your home finances, repairs and bills

AskHomey Home Management App for mobile and desktop

Why AskHomey? 

Managing a home can be complicated and stressful. Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, buyer, seller or landlord, here’s what AskHomey can do for you…

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Save Time

Spending hours searching for paperwork filed in boxes ?  AskHomey stores and organises all your home’s key information (inventory, contacts, documents, contracts, receipts, etc) in one place, accessible from anywhere 24/7. Share easily and securely with tradesman, solicitors, estate agents or anyone that needs info about your property. 

AskHomey App Home Document Management
AskHomey App Financial home management
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Save Money

Finding it tough to stay on top of bills and household spending? AskHomey reminds you of when bills need to be paid.  Avoid late penalty fees, cancel subscriptions and auto renewals so you don’t get locked into expensive contracts. Use AskHomey to switch to better deals and stop overspending!

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Make Smarter Decisions

Struggling with managing your home? AskHomey can tell you when the boiler is due for servicing so you get it done in time. Or AskHomey to tell you how much your inventory is worth, so you’re not overpaying or under-insured for home’s contents.

AskHomey App Manage Home Spaces

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