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AskHomey supports estate agents by providing a digitised view of all essential information about a property, enhancing customer service for both the sales and lettings process.

Our vision is to make homes happier by reducing the time, cost and stress of managing a home.

By bringing together home and financial data into one place, we’re digitising the home so that our advanced technology enables smarter home management.

AskHomey Home Management App for mobile and desktop

How we can help

By making essential property data available through an app, AskHomey can support agents to secure deals faster and more efficiently, while providing customers with the information and tools they need to make their decision and turn the property into their home

  • Improve sales and lettings by providing richer, useful, accessible property data
  • Reduce the risk of delays in deal completions
  • Reduce complaints and increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve the efficiency of support staff by reducing incoming calls and emails. 
  • Reduce costs and realise faster commission revenue
AskHomey App Home Document Management

Key Features

  • Detailed digital property profiles
    • Floorplans, dimensions, certificates, tasks, contacts etc.
    • Inventory; including fixtures, fittings and finishes
  • Advanced document store and search facility
    • Easily find information from stored details and documents
  • Communication and audit tracking for Landlord / Tenant
  • All home management in one intuitive, user friendly app
    • Available on laptop, phone or tablet

Enhance the sales process and improve customer service 

  • Create outstanding digital property profiles containing detailed information:
    • dimensions, plans, certificates, inventory and other documents
    • All information is easily searchable through a google like interface
    • Reduce the need for return viewings, phone and email enquiries
    • Help potential buyers make faster decisions
  • Share rich property detail from the initial interest and update with new detail as it becomes available, helping to expedite the sale
  • Digitally collect and share information required for conveyancing to speed up the process
  • Ensure the new owner has all the information to hand in order to plan their move
  • Help them settle into to their new home without the need for additional calls
    • Need to know how to control the heating – AskHomey!
  • Accessible through any device; phone, laptop and tablet

Centralise all property information and communication and give tenants the tools they need to help manage their homes

  •  Create and manage an online property inventory
    • Can be used to support check in and check out and to avoid disputes
  • Provide tenants with detailed home information in a searchable, digitised format
    • All information is easily searchable through a google like interface
    • Reduce call and email enquiry volumes
  • Help the Tenant manage the property with capabilities beyond a basic manual
    • Maintenance tasks, reminders, contacts, utility, account and supplier management
  • Online communication between tenant, landlord and agent for updates and issues
  • Encourage high standards of property maintenance and reduce risk of costly issues, while building a full service history for each property
  • Accessible through any device; phone, laptop, tablet
  • Share information ahead of viewings, so prospective tenants can make a decision without numerous viewings
  • Help residents to manage their household budgets, make cost savings and ensure rent payments are covered

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