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AskHomey is a new service designed for homeowners and renters to reduce the stress, cost and time spent in managing your home

We’ve combined feedback from hundreds of people to create an app to help you manage your home in one place. From tasks, instruction manuals, maintenance and repairs to bills and home finance, AskHomey is the answer to making a house your home.

AskHomey Home Management App for mobile and desktop

How we can help

Our goal is to put all home management into one place and be the go-to app for all your home related needs.

Running your home with paper files, calendars, spreadsheets or just trying to do this in your head often leads to things being missed. On top of this, juggling finances is hard, it’s no wonder so many people say it is the leading contributor to their mental health.

Key Features

  • Keep all home documentation stored in one place
    • Appliance manuals, receipts, warranties, certificates…
  • Easily find information you need with our Google style search
    • No more hunting through files and manuals to find the information you need
  • Record key items in your home
    • Ensure you have the right level of cover and the documentation you need; should you need to make a claim
  • Keep track of your household maintenance tasks or repairs and get helpful reminders
    • Avoid risk of invalidating insurance claims
  • Store your important contacts
  • Share information about your home securely and easily, for example with a partner or flatmate, or with a tradesman for repairs and other work on the house
  • Access the information from your phone, tablet or laptop
  • Save money – make sure you are getting the best deals on your bills
  • When the time comes to move on, make sure your house is at the top of potential buyers wish lists
AskHomey App Home Document Management

All your home information in one place

From appliance user manuals to contacts​, no more searching for the boiler manual that you last saw 3 years ago!

User manuals, warranties, certificates, utility contracts, contacts, insurance documents and policy information – All in one place and all the information within them is searchable from a single search bar.

Contents inventory management

Know the value of your contents and capture specific details on fixtures, fittings and finishes

In addition to storing an inventory for your entire home, which can help with getting the right level of insurance, AskHomey enables you to attach relevant images. For example, receipts which could be required for insurance or warranty claims. You can also keep information on finishes such as paint and flooring, so small snags such as scratches can be patched, avoiding larger redecorating projects.

Each update is stored, creating a full service history for the property.

AskHomey App Manage Home Spaces
AskHomey Tasks Mobile

Keep track of essential home maintenance tasks

Don’t risk invalidating insurance

Testing the fire alarm, cleaning the filters on extractor fans and tumble dryers, making sure gutters are clear, checking roof coverings – to name just a few of the home tasks that are critical to keeping you and your home safe from accident and damage.

Manage your household budget and make cost savings

Ease finances and save a little extra for those wish list items

AskHomey helps with the financial side of home management. The app will provide household budgeting assistance, payment reminders and facilitate cost savings.

AskHomey App Financial home management

Built on your ideas

AskHomey has been designed to help you. New releases in the near future will include sharing & communication, utility switching, help with finding the right local tradespeople, notifications and lots more but we want to know what you think. Please email suggestions to

For more information, contact us today !

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