Introducing the world’s first complete resident’s handover platform for developers

Residents are becoming increasingly reliant on digital forums and apps. Developers can now use rich data to anticipate future needs and support them through the lifecycle of the build and beyond. All in one easy-to-use, mobile friendly app.

The digital revolution is here for your homeowners

AskHomey App Manage Home Spaces
  • Reduce environmental impact and cost of producing handover packs
  • Create, access and share property information from any device
  • A central place for all key information for residents
  • Future residents can engage on forums
  • Communities can start to be developed via the app
  • Improve sales by providing richer, useful, accessible property data
  • Reduce the risk of delays in the sales process
  • Improve the efficiency of support staff by reducing incoming calls and emails
Innova Digital Handover Guide

Key Features


Get ahead of the game as the government aims to digitise property data for the sales and handover process

Create and share image rich, detailed property information with prospects to build confidence and trust

Easily create amazing digital handover information packs containing relevant property information

Maintain your brand across the app, through colours and logos

Reduce call and email enquiry volumes resulting from lost documents and information

Community groups can be established and evolve organically through the app

Facility to share property data & documents from time of reservation to help with conveyancing process and speed up sales

Online reporting including the use of photos to help pinpoint specific problems and in app chat facility for snags and minor issues

Automated notifications for maintenance, reminders, contacts, utility switching and much more, through the use of AI

All information is easily searchable through a Google like interface

Share updates as the build progresses – Increase buyer confidence

Accessible through any device; phone, laptop, tablet

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