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AskHomey replaces paper-based home user guides to provide a new level of digital home assistance through an app, helping Landlords and Letting Agents manage their tenants and properties.

Our vision is to make homes happier by reducing the time, cost and stress of managing a home.

By bringing together home and financial data into one place, we’re digitising the home so that our advanced technology enables smarter home management.

AskHomey Home Management App for mobile and desktop

How we can help

AskHomey can help to secure tenants quickly and ensure both landlord and renter get the most from the tenancy. By digitising rental property data and allowing tenants access through an app, AskHomey reduces the need for paper documentation, as well as calls and email enquiries.

The app manages inventory and maintenance schedules, helps with the check in-out processes and facilitates maintaining a full service history of the property. It also provides handy reminders and helps to manage utilities and suppliers, all saving money and avoiding expensive, time-consuming tenant disputes.

Key Features

  • Create and manage an online property inventory
    • Can be used to support check in and check out and to avoid disputes
  • Provide tenants with detailed home information in a searchable, digitised format
    • All information is easily searchable through a google like interface
    • Reduce call and email enquiry volumes
  • Help the Tenant manage the property with capabilities beyond a basic manual
    • Maintenance tasks, reminders, contacts, utility, account and supplier management
    • Online communication for snags/minor issues
  • Encourage high standards of property maintenance and reduce risk of costly issues, while building a full service history for each property
  • Accessible through any device; phone, laptop, tablet
  • Put your rental on top of viewing lists by sharing information ahead of viewings, so prospective tenants can make a decision without numerous viewings
  • Help residents to manage their household budgets, make cost savings and ensure rent payments are covered

Managing the relationship lifecycle

AskHomey assists landlords and letting agents in managing properties and tenant relationships. The detailed inventory, along with all the relevant information to manage and maintain the home on a day to day basis, provides peace of mind to landlords, while enabling tenants to make the property their home for the duration of their stay.

AskHomey App Manage Home Spaces

Detailed property inventory

Create, maintain and share detailed property inventory and information at the relevant time

During the tenant property search, share room sizes, proof of required certifications, property features and other relevant information to help secure tenants without the need for numerous viewings. 

Maintain a detailed inventory including fixtures, fittings and finishes which can be used to support the check in and check out process.

Add operation manuals, warranties and images to inventory items such as white goods. Share contacts and suppliers, such as trusted tradesmen and utility providers. Create and share maintenance tasks.

All home information in one place​

Ensure tenants have all the relevant information and tools required to enjoy their home

Avoid enquiries arising from paper appliance manuals being lost, damaged or thrown away in error. Use digital copies and enable tenants to quickly navigate to information they’re looking for in lengthy manuals and documents with a Google like search facility, available 24/7.

Provide tenants with value add tools and services that help with daily home management and finances e.g. manage utilities and other accounts or reminders for tasks like bin collection days.  

AskHomey App Home Document Management

Peace of mind for you and the tenant

  • Simple on-line communication for correspondence and reporting minor issues – no need for missed calls and mails.
  • Inventory is updated with changes throughout the tenancy, so if a new dishwasher is installed, the information for the new one is added, along with manuals etc.
  • Keep a full audit of changes to inventory and conversations to avoid disputes and misunderstandings

Be prepared

  • Use latest inventory to assist with check outs.
  • Audit and change history will avoid disputes over deposit returns.
  • Maintenance history, inventory and property information immediately ready to pass on to new tenants.

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