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AskHomey makes it easy for homeowners and renters to share property information with trade and services, streamlining communication, reducing unnecessary callouts and provide a new source of leads.

Our vision is to make homes happier by reducing the time, cost and stress of managing a home.

By bringing together home and financial data into one place, we’re digitising the home so that our advanced technology enables smarter home management.

AskHomey Home Management App for mobile and desktop

How we can help

By enabling homeowners and renters to share property information on repairs, maintenance and home improvements, we’re not only helping to digitise and standardise the way you work with clients, but open up opportunities to get new clients.

  • Increase your business without additional subscription costs
  • Get better quality information and reduce unnecessary visits
  • Get referrals from happy customers
  • Digitise the way you work and communicate with your clients through a single app

Key Features

  • Get access to new clients
  • Receive detailed requests for work:
    • Descriptions and images of work in advance of callout
    • Access property details and previous history of work
  • Communicate easily with your customers:
    • Contacts management and in-app chat
    • Document share
  • Build up a brand presence through customer ratings
  • Improve customer service by helping clients maintain a full service history on their properties
AskHomey App Manage Home Spaces

Get the necessary details before you take the job

Avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary callouts, access and request job details in advance. 

Finding unexpected issues on arrival or missing paperwork can lead to significant time wasted for trade and service providers, not to mention the stress caused for customers. Gathering and sharing as much information in advance can help to alleviate such problems from fixtures, fittings and finishes, model numbers, manuals to details of historical works and warranties.

Improve customer service and relationships

Manage clients through in built contacts and messaging and help maintain a homes full service history to make future jobs easier. 

Communication is key to making sure customers are happy. By providing tools to organise and message customers, suppliers and partners, managing relationships is even easier.  

And like a car log book, once the work is done, update the details of the job to help maintain a homes full service history and make future jobs faster and safer to start.

Get booked for regular maintenance work

Help customers stay on top of their property maintenance. 

AskHomey allows homeowners and renters to register regular tasks like getting the boiler serviced or garden maintenance so you can get a heads up and plan your month.

AskHomey to manage your own home

Manage your household budget and make cost savings for yourself 

AskHomey helps with the financial side of home management. The app will provide household budgeting assistance, payment reminders and facilitate cost savings. So why not use the app for your own home?

AskHomey App Financial home management

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